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Volume 2 Issue 4 Paper 1

Improving Nursing ThroughEffective Nurse and Patient Communication in Saudi Arabia

Salman Wasl Althobaiti
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
King Faisal Medical Complex, Taif, Saudi Arabia


The aim of this review article is to survey available literature on the issue of improving nursing care through effective communication with patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to do this, a search was conducted on the open source search engine Google Scholar, which led to analysis of around 150 search results. Out of these, five were shortlisted using relevant parameters and analysed further. Analysis of these results showed that all five of the articles discussed the challenges faced by nurses or nursing students in order to then pivot to suggestions or recommendations for solutions or improvements. Moreover, researchers provided recommendations for improvement of communication that stressed the importance of education and training for nurses, in particular for expatriate nurses. Most noteworthy observation from the results was the fact that there appeared to be a strong correlation between cultural gaps or cultural competencies and communication. The article concluded with recommendations for further research in this area.

Keywords: Nursing, Patient, Communication, Saudi Arabia

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